Is the economy affecting your business?

In each new issue of The Fordyce Letter I like to include feedback from the subscribers and the community at large about what they are seeing in their day-to-day lives.

I would appreciate your feedback on the following topic, and will be using it for an upcoming article in the June issue of The Fordyce Letter.

No one can actually tell whether we’re in a recession, about to enter a recession or have already had one and are pulling out of it. Most of the conversations I’ve had with readers indicate that there has been little or no impact on the recruiting business. This may be because there are a number of specialty areas that are recession-resistant.

My question of the month is simply this:

How have you noticed the economic chatter affecting your recruiting business? How do you think the recruiting business will be impacted between now and the end of the year and how do you propose dealing with any real or projected outcomes?

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Leave responses in the comments – or email me privately at with or without attribution and we can get a discussion going between us all..

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Hawkinson is the editor of The Fordyce Letter, a publication for third-party recruiters that's part of ERE Media. He entered the personnel consulting industry in the late 1950's and began publishing for the industry in the 1970's. During his tenure as a practitioner, he personally billed over $5 million in both contingency and retainer assignments. He formed the Kimberly Organization and purchased The Fordyce Letter in 1980.