I Send Them Out, But They Keep Interviewing

Dear Barb:

It seems the internet has really reduced our ability to control our candidates. They have no loyalty, and even when we have sent them on an interview with the exact opportunity they said they would accept, they still continue to interview. How do we increase candidate loyalty and control?

Edward S.
Portland, OR

Dear Edward:

If you only send a candidate on one interview, they will schedule interviews on their own or through other sources. Most candidates want to make a choice and not just accept the first job they are offered. This is especially true in direct hires when they have been at their current job more than three years.

When you book a candidate on an interview, you should market them to the companies they have identified as the five companies they admire most. The only time you do not submit your candidates on more than one opportunity is in the case of a retained search or engagement fee.

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Your goal should be to send every candidate on three opportunities and to have two or three of your candidates in the final interview process. When someone is eliminated from consideration during the interview process, you should back-fill with additional candidates. Clients prefer to have a choice as well. If your candidate does accept another opportunity, you have the back-up candidates.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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