How Do I Get More Production From My Team?

Dear Barbara:

How do I get my employees to set and achieve higher goals? They are earning more than they’ve ever earned, get comfortable and seem to lose their ambition. It’s very frustrating for me to watch them satisfied to be average. I have another question, what is considered top production in both permanent and temp?

Ashley G., Chicago, ILAsk Barb

Dear Ashley:

You made a correct statement that your sales team could set and achieve higher goals. The frustrating reality here is will they? If they continue to work their desk the way they currently do, their production will stay the same. It takes a commitment to change daily habits and get out of your comfort zone in order to produce more.

Your recruiters and account executives will not produce more just because you know they can. They will also not produce more because you want them to have a record month. The only time your recruiters will change the way they work their desk to produce more is for their own reasons. If they want to attain something for themselves or the people they love, they can and will do whatever it takes in order to be more successful.

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The best thing you could do is have your team write down their top 10 non-negotiable goals in all areas of their lives that are important to them, i.e. health, career, finances, personal, spiritual, philanthropic, etc. Under each goal, have them write down five specific dated action items. When the action items are done, the goal will be achieved. Have them post these goals at their desk so they can see them as they work. If they want to buy a new home, save for retirement or send their children to the best schools, you will not have to motivate them.

It is also very effective to have them place pictures of their goals and put them on a dream board that is hung where they can see it as they work. Most individuals in the staffing and recruiting profession are visual. Staring at actual pictures of goals can be extremely motivating. It’s no coincidence that the most successful business I trained in South Africa was the firm that had dream boards hanging down from the ceiling in front of everyone’s desk.

To answer your second question, top production is considered $350,000+ in either direct placements or GMP (Gross Margin Profit) for temp and contract.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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