How 10% Will Get You 30%

Dear Barb:

I work a contingency engineering direct desk and have produced between $250,00 and $275,000 for the past five years. When I focus on producing more, I beat my monthly average, but then the next month I crash and burn. I’m getting married next year and want to earn more. What do I need to change in order to consistently produce more?

Susan F.
San Jose, CA

You Can Motivate You

Dear Susan:

The great news here is you have accomplished consistent production and should know your individual ratios and stats. As an owner, I’ve learned my recruiters will produce more for their reasons and not mine. The fact that you are getting married next year is great motivation for you to do whatever it takes to produce more. Surround yourself with pictures of your upcoming wedding, so you can see them as you work your desk.

If you increase your results-oriented stats by 10% across the board, your production will increase by 30%. Although 10% doesn’t sound like much, it is not easy to consistently increase your activity level, so you will need to closely track your numbers.

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The most important number to monitor is your sendout number and your sendout to placement ratio. If you are working a direct contingency desk, your current production represents probably one full placement or two split placements per month. How would your income and life change if you were able to close an additional placement, or split each month.

Review your sendout to placement ratio. If it is six-to-one (you need to sendout six candidates on a first interview, before someone is hired) focus on increasing these numbers each month. Continue focusing on this number, until you increase the number by a minimum of six additional sendouts per month. In order to book a sendout you need a viable order and candidate, which is why this is the most important stat to monitor. Follow this advice and you will consistently produce more.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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