Highlights from Fordyce Forum #3

As an attendee of all three “forums,” I feel that I am a well-qualified candidate to comment on the goings-on of this year’s recent event at The M Resort in Las Vegas.

To begin with, who says there is nothing good about a “bad economy?” Hogwash!

The past year’s financial downturn is, in part, responsible for the renewed energy, collective spirit, return to the basics of our business and an overall invigorating camaraderie that clearly characterized this conference and for me, set it apart from the other two years.

The whole event was charged with a soulful vibe of WE are all in this together.

So here’s to better times, but more importantly, here’s to the throbbing, no make that pounding or how about thriving heartbeat that was the essence of this Fordyce Forum and is the indefatigable power of the recruiting professional.

From the incredibly driven (but somehow balanced) and brilliant Barb Bruno, to the uniquely charismatic and effervescent Jeff Skrentny, to the myriad of marvelous speakers who spewed invaluable headhunting info to the crowd, this “tradeshow” had real class. Plus, the M Resort was an appropriately fine host, resplendent with state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional cuisine and yes, beautiful hostesses throughout the casino.

But back to the real show.

As I was saying, this one “felt” different. Maybe it was because Mr. Skrentny emphasized with his opening remarks for all us to benefit not only from the “experts on stage” but also from all of the attendees who invested their time, energy, and money to be there to network and connect. Or maybe it’s because we are all now forced to pull together on our end of the tug-of-war-rope so tightly to survive and succeed.

Either way, all I know is that everywhere I went, in every venue I found meaningful conversation, genuine smiles, helpful anecdotes, positive attitudes, and truly practical advice.

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We came in all shapes, colors, and sizes; literally. And I came home with a dozen or more business cards, a split-fee partner or three, and a “Candidate Profiling Test” to complement my search services that I have already encouraged one of my new clients to implement.

Most important, I came home with a clear recognition of the strength, seriousness, savvy, resilience, and vision of our industry. I can so easily say that I am truly proud, no make that honored and humbled, to be a part of such a fine collection of human beings that make up the core the Executive Search/Staffing/Recruitment Industry.

Whatever your niche, do not miss this event in 2010!!! Fordyce Forum 2010 will be held once again at the beautiful M Resort, so mark your calendars for June 9-11, 2010.

One more formal thank you to Mr. Jeff Allen, whom we all benefit from every month in The Fordyce Letter. Not only does Mr. Allen pour his heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into the industry through his written contribution to TFL each month, but he took the time to organize the last (and maybe best) breakout session of the entire conference.

This “hour of power” is what Jeff was really talking about. It was called the Fordyce Forum Council and this event had no preset agenda nor was it dominated by one speaker. This session was truly interactive and revealed how mutually beneficial a group of committed professionals can be to one another. It was the essence of what we do at times like the 3rd annual FF, and at times when we need it most, it was learning, growing, and benefiting from one another at its best!

Jordan A. Greenberg is the president of The Pinnacle Source, Inc., a search and placement firm specializing in, but not limited to, the recruiting of sales/sales management talent for IT companies. He has been servicing this community, based in Colorado, since 1981. Contact him at (303) 796-9900, jordan@pinnso.com, or www.pinnaclesource.com.