Hi! Here’s How to Leave Voicemails Guaranteed To

telephoneWhat’s the one question that every recruiter asks themselves when cold calling? Do I leave a voicemail? If so, what do I say and how much information do I share?

Later, you wonder, “Why don’t I get any call backs?”

If you were to ask 100 recruiters whether or not they leave a voicemail when cold calling I’m willing to bet you’d get a split right down the middle.

My answer to that question is a solid “Yes.” Simply stated, it’s a matter of dangling the carrot, so to speak, to elicit a response. I’ve used a special VM message for years and with different industries, and have gotten a great response time and again. If you think the message is a bit brash or over-the-top, I challenge you to try it out for a day.  I’ll make a believer out of you.

What’s this magic verbiage that will get me my call back? Just this:

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Hi Mr. Client, John Doe calling. My number is (444) 555-4321. I need to speak to you right away in regards to… (Hang up at this point without finishing the message.)

It’s seems too short and too simple right? Wrong! Using this approach I get a callback two out of every 10 VM messages I leave. Now obviously you can only leave this VM the first time you call, but that’s OK because the next day when you make your second call you’ll leave this message:

Hi Mr. Client, John Doe calling again just following up on the voicemail I left you yesterday. Give me a call back ASAP at (444) 555-4321.

At this point you’ve either peaked their interest or you haven’t. You’ve left them wondering what the call is all about. Is it project related? Are you a customer, potential customer? Is it a complaint?

It doesn’t matter what they’re thinking, it matters that they’re curious enough to call you back. When you leave the VM leave it with a sense of urgency in your voice so they feel it’s serious enough to respond. Then sit back and watch the magic happen.

Bobby O’Shea is vice president of Belding Partners LLC, a direct placement staffing firm located in Phoenix, AZ. The Phoenix office was founded in 2012 and places engineers and architects throughout the United States. Bobby is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato with a degree in Communication. He lives in Glendale, AZ with his wife and 5 children.

To learn more about Belding Partners and the services they offer please visit their website at www.beldingpartners.net or e-mail Bobby at boshea@beldingpartners.net.