Here Are the Countries and the States Where People Want (and Don’t Want) to Work

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.40.15 AMWhat countries do job seekers most want to move to? How about away from? In the U.S., where do they most want to go … and what states do they want to leave?

Where People Search for Jobs, a new report from Indeed Hiring Lab, takes a stab at those questions.

Let’s take a look (click to enlarge any of them).

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This chart's showing the countries that are most desirable. It's based on the number of "external searchers" for jobs in those countries. In contrast, here's a chart showing the percentage of job seekers looking for a job outside the country. The percentage of unique job seekers in each state currently looking for a job outside that state.  (Of course, in this case the winner -- the loser actually -- is a city, not a state). desirable states


More from the report, put together with George Washington University Professor Tara Sinclair, here.