Half of All Job Seekers Consult Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor, the careers site that offers employee reviews of companies, has been successful since its founding in 2008. The company has expanded internationally, and last year it made the news for an additional $50 million round of investment. It definitely seems that its unique offering of employee reviews has been a hit with job seekers.

But as the site grows in popularity, what impact do its reviews have on an organization’s ability to hire? Our company Software Advice, which reviews HR and recruiting software, decided to find out. We polled 4,633 job seekers to see how Glassdoor has affected their decision to apply for, and accept jobs.

Here’s what we found.

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Approximately half of all respondents had used Glassdoor at some point in their job search, and most consulted reviews to find top employers before they even thought about applying at a company.

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