Go Outside Your Circle to Find Your Coach

Dear Barb:

Something you said has really resonated with me. You said the fastest way to elevate your level of success was to change the five people you hung around with most. Since you conducted training in our office, I have done that with remarkable results. You were right when you said successful people make you attain a higher level of success. I now have a bi-weekly Mastermind Call with these people as you also suggested.

I think I’m now ready to find the mentor/coach I need to hold me accountable. Should I approach one of the members of my Mastermind Group to also function as a business coach?

Francis W.

Kansas City, MO

Dear Francis:

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I’m thrilled you are now interacting with successful people on a regular basis. I would not suggest that you approach a member of your Mastermind Group to be your business coach. During your Mastermind calls you should each be sharing a WIN for the week, as well as an issue you’re facing to get feedback. By the end of your call you need to commit to actions you will complete before your next call. This helps build in accountability to your Mastermind Calls. This is different than a one-on-one coach.

You don’t want your coach to be in your current circle. You want to hire someone you respect who can bring fresh new ideas to the table. This person will add to the advice and guidance you are getting from your Mastermind Group.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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