Get Ready For the New Year’s New Candidates

Job candidates in line - freedigitalIt is readily approaching; the busiest time in staffing and recruiting. The beginning of the year marks a fresh batch of talent, newly ready to hit the market.

This increased inventory of candidates can produce positives and negatives for corporate and agency recruiters alike. Just because there is more of something, does not necessarily make it a good thing. Plenty of grind candidates will make their way through the resume submittal process just the same as quality candidates.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your time is spent with only the best talent.

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  • Stick to your guns with red flags — Do not become complacent due to the surplus of talent. If anything, your filter must be heightened as you connect with more and more candidates.
  • Trust and verify – Be trusting with your candidates but do not blind yourself to obvious facts. If a story does not add up, there is probably a reason.
  • Don’t be afraid to cherry pick – If you’ve committed to finding the best talent, do just that. The increase of job seekers is no reason to waiver in your quality control.
  • Foresee and eliminate surprises – When do reviews happen? End of year. When are raises given? March, typically. When do bonuses pay out? March, typically. While the holiday season may be behind us, do not forget these seasonal surprises, which will arise later.

Excitement runs rampant during this time. With new search assignments and lots of new candidates to choose from, it is easy to miss some of these basics. Before you close out your 2014, take time to review these. Your 2015 numbers will thank you.

Seattle area native, Robb Callon has been conducting searches across the country for nearly 5 years. Beginning with a boutique search agency, Robb currently works for Zones, Inc., a $1.5 billion IT hardware and software company leading their corporate recruiting efforts.