Gaming-related Company Using Games in Recruiting

Matt Jeffery said this was coming, as did Kevin Wheeler: Using games in recruiting. It has been tried by a consumer product company and an animal hospital on Facebook, among many other companies, like Siemens.

Now, a company called Upstream, in the mobile marketing business, has created an online game for its marketing campaign manager positions. Candidates are led through seven “missions” or questions — that is, after they put in their contact details, including a resume. (A requirement I wasn’t so fond of, as it deters those without one.)

One question — one of the seven missions — asks, “If you were to promote Skype to a general target audience who are not current users, which features would you highlight?”

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Upstream has added about 45 people in 2011, and opened offices in Silicon Valley, Rio, and Dubai, and is still hiring. Part of what it plays up to potential customers is its use of games in mobile marketing.