FYI on May TFL

We’ve assembled some amazing content in the May issue of The Fordyce Letter. Here’s a sneak peek for TFL subscribers:

tim Tim Tolan landed the cover with his no-holds-barred “10 Lessons Learned in the Search Business” training piece. As he says in the article:

“This is not the time to mask your intentions just to generate an invoice. This is a time when you should take off your billing hat and find ways to deliver meaningful value to your clients.”

jor Jordan Rayboy’s 2,684-word diatribe on why planning matters, entitled “Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance” is literally just a glimpse into his incredibly talented work ethic. (You can also catch him live in June at Fordyce Forum 2009; email me personally at if you want a discount code!).

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dave In his “Pinnacle Perspectives” column, Dave Staats offers a doozy of a question. The reader asked Dave about working a deal that would pay 3% of the first year’s sales, paid quarterly. Is the long-term cash-flow option wise? Or should he just get back on the phone? Even Pinnacle experts like Tim Flanagan, Carol Wenom, Danny Sarch, and others, couldn’t reach a conclusive opinion.

There is much more inside the pages, including articles from Jeff Allen, Jeff Kaye, Barb Bruno, and lots of other leading trainers. The issue is being sent to the printers soon and will land on subscribers’ desks late next week.

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