Free Job Posting Sites: National Sites – Part 6 of 6

If you have loads of reqs. to fill across a vast array of locations, state and city searches may not be enough. You may want to broaden your candidate search and go national. When this is the case, try some or all of these sites: For non-profit organizations committed to diversity, willing to partner with the Minorities’ Job Bank, check out: If you have a job that requires a bilingual candidate (Spanish or Portuguese and English) – try LatPro at: If you’re a corporate recruiter, post your job page at Career Exposure at: Jobland USA may not be the premiere free site, but it offers three different ways to get your jobs out there. First, there’s a classified section where you can post for free according to work category at:

Then, if you have the jobs posted on your own site, you can add that URL to their database at:

Or, from: you can even submit your postings page to over 20 different search engines, including Northern Light, AltaVista, HotBot, and Google. You can also try Big Jobs at: Or Career File at: Or Professional Careers Network deals with the top 34 industries and you can post your jobs for free at: The Job Resource is terrific if you need entry-level, college-educated workers. Try it at: Then, too, there is SearchEase at: Of course, don’t forget Yahoo! Classifieds at: If you can’t find any local candidates and are willing to sponsor an immigrant, post at Visa Jobs at:

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