Former Global TA Leader at Whirlpool and Accenture Discusses Work/Life Challenges

Meet Tim Streeter. Tim is the classic example of author Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, living out the power of using both left brain and right brain simultaneously in past global talent acquisition leadership roles at Whirlpool and Accenture.

Tim is also the author of a new book, The Contentment Commitment, in which he writes about managing the demands of having a successful professional and personal life. With degrees in economics and math, you might expect Tim to be all quantitative analysis and data, but he’s also a great communicator, a strong people leader, a competitive soccer player, an author, and a musician. (He’s made nine albums over the past 10 years!)

Tim and I recently spoke about:

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  • Finding the best ideas through experimentation and data
  • Leveraging key resources to find the best TA technology for you
  • The power of data and metrics in making the case for change
  • Work/life balance and what it means to say “yes” to the things that matter most
  • The six dimensions of contentment in your personal and professional life

Check out my conversation with Tim by clicking on the embedded conversation below. (And find more interviews with talent leaders here.)

Erin McDermott Peterson is a Partner and Global Talent Acquisition Consultant with PeopleResults. She previously led talent acquisition and RPO for some of the most successful organizations in the world including Accenture, Aon Hewitt, and Amazon. She translates her unique global experience to help her clients with their TA Strategy, employment branding, candidate experience, talent technologies, onboarding, and recruitment process outsourcing decisions.

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