Fordyce TV: Perm Fee Negotiations

Neil Lebovits, CPA, CPC, CTS — a Fortune 500 Staffing industry executive turned trainer — will join us on the next episode of Fordyce TV! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 21 — Neil will be talking about the “real” perm fee negotiation secret you may have never thought about.

In this fast-paced, highly energetic, information-packed episode, Neil will “go back to the basics” to share a technique that most recruiters, let alone clients, don’t even think about.

“You can never be overpriced when it is always the customer who will later decide if they WANT TO PAY THE PRICE,” he says.

It’s a simple but seldom used close that works almost every time, he adds.

“If what they fear now is true — that you are indeed overpriced — then they will indeed not hire your person later. However, if they are wrong now, then they will be thrilled that they saw your person!”

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Neil will share the concept, closes, analogies, and potential scripts that can go along with it. This is a great method that can also incorporate all of your proven “fee closes.”

The show starts promptly at 2pm ET on (right before the show you’ll see a small TV logo — click that box and enjoy the show — if you don’t see the box at 2, try refreshing the screen once or twice until you see it). There will be a live Q&A session via the chat box after the presentation, too, so come prepared with questions.

Elaine Rigoli has nearly 15 years of experience managing content and community for various B2B and consumer websites. Elaine has written thousands of business and technology articles and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and eWeek, among other publications.