Fordyce TV: A Case Story Approach to Recruiting

In any economy, candidates have to be enticed to take new jobs, and clients have to believe in the value of using a recruiter.

How do you get their attention long enough to make your pitch? Advertisers and movie-makers know that if you can draw in an audience with a compelling story, they will be more receptive to your message. What’s your recruiting story and how are you communicating it?

Join us on Tuesday, August 4 for the next episode of Fordyce TV — Lynn Hazan, recruiter and professional storyteller, will show how to use storytelling techniques to better communicate with candidates, clients, and new business propects. Hear examples of when stories made a difference in her recruiting practice, and begin to consider how to make effective use of your own recruiting stories.

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The show starts promptly at 2pm ET on (right before the show you’ll see a small TV logo — click the white arrow in the box and enjoy the show — if you don’t see the box at 2, try refreshing the screen once or twice until you see it). There will be a live Q&A session via the chat box after the presentation, too, so come prepared with questions.

Elaine Rigoli has nearly 15 years of experience managing content and community for various B2B and consumer websites. Elaine has written thousands of business and technology articles and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and eWeek, among other publications.