Fordyce Forum: Learn 6 Ways to Bill Big in Today’s Market

More and more, search and recruiting conferences are held at casinos.

Why is that? Maybe it’s because search professionals want to have fun and thrive on risk. All day, we take and manage risks. In what other profession, except for maybe real estate sales, can one mistake cost five figures?

I just trained at New England’s conference (NEAPS) at the Mohegan Sun casino resort. My topic was “Power Marketing for Today’s Economy.” We had a standing-room crowd and lots of interaction. Outstanding people and a great time!

Another bold topic is “6 Ways to Bill Big in Today’s Market,” and that just so happens to be what I will be speaking about at this year’s Fordyce Forum on June 11, held at another casino, this time, the brand-new M Resort in Las Vegas.

If you haven’t seen me train, I aim to deliver. My style is interactive, big-picture, and technique-oriented. I want you to take away ideas and methods that you’ve never heard before and put them right to work in your search and recruiting practices.

That’s how I’ll know if I’ve been a success — when I receive emails and testimonials after my training: “Mike, it works!”

Every topic I train on is customized for the audience and the times. My training is not off-the shelf. I spend considerable time preparing so you have a unique training experience. I do the same for my in-house training clients and my one-on-one performance training.

So, what’s my Fordyce Forum topic about? It’s about shifting gears in the way you think and approach the business.

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It’s about rethinking, retooling, and reinventing. It’s about creating new areas of cash flow. It’s about new techniques for a new world. If you take the framework that we’re in the human capital business, not solely the recruiting business, then the sky’s the limit.

My Fordyce seminar has six parts:

  1. Thinking big. If you’re stuck at working and billing at certain levels, you’ve got to get unstuck. How to do it? It’s easier than you think. I’ll explain how.
  2. Taking risks. You’ve got to play in a bigger sandbox. And that means taking bigger risks. Not financial, but in the people you talk with.
  3. Upgrading your presentation. In this market, everything counts. From your website, to how you dress, to how you present on the phone, to how you follow-up.
  4. Going where the business is. This is the bottom-line between average billers and big billers. You’ve got to go where the demand is. I’ll talk about where that is today.
  5. Getting exclusives and retainers. Working contingency creates undo risk, especially in this market. The only real way to determine a true need is to receive dollars upfront.
  6. Doing more for your clients. What can you do to distinguish yourself from others? I’ll share actionable items that work for my firm.

In my seminar, you’ll learn:

  • Where the business is in today’s market.
  • A novel technique to get senior decision-makers on the phone.
  • How contingency recruiters can separate themselves from the pack and move into retained.
  • New ways to generate cash flow.
  • And much more…

I only have one hour to present “6 Ways to Bill Big in Today’s Market” at the 2009 Fordyce Forum. So it’ll be a crash course, but I invite you to join me as we take the recruiting world by storm!

Mike Ramer, CPC, CSP, is an international trainer for the search and recruitment industry. He is founder and president of Ramer Search Consultants in the New York metro area. Mike designed The Art of Search© training programs, which he presents at industry events, conferences, and recruiting firms worldwide. Mike's training has been hailed as "unlike any other," "national best of the best," and "Mike's passion, knowledge, and creativeness separate him from the rest." Each of his programs is customized for today's market to maximize your income. His training is interactive, motivational, and packed with innovative techniques you won't hear anywhere else. Mike is also an Executive Career Coach and Expert Witness for employment matters. He has been quoted and interviewed by national media, including The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money,,, and NPR. For more about Mike's training, please visit his firm's website at or email