For Those Tired of Cat Videos, They Can Now Watch a Job Board’s Mouse

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.48.01 PMA career site called Shine is running an ad campaign highlighting its 220,000 job posts and overall suite of services, such as employment branding. The star is a mouse.

Shine is one of India’s largest job sites, and is pushing into the mobile job-search arena by trying to simplify the application process from a smartphone. It’s talking about how it can use the power of “weak ties” to suggest jobs to you — the contact stashed away in your cell phone may not be the sister you call every Friday, but it could be someone who works somewhere with an opening.

Anyhow, kind of like Indeed (whose billboard I see daily on Los Angeles’ Ventura Boulevard), Shine is running ads you’ll see on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and elsewhere.

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Group Marketing Head Rajan Bhalla says that the company is introducing as its mascot “a handsome, young working professional who happens to be a mouse.”

The mouse — Mr. M — finds himself in a variety of offbeat situations — see below. The gist of it is that friends should help friends find jobs, and when they can’t, Shine can (hat tip to my friend Raj Singh out of the San Francisco area; he’s a recruiter and startup founder able to fill me in on the Hindi translation).