Finding SAP Professionals

When looking for candidates with SAP experience, there are a number of sites that can provide assistance. Exploring the Planet Claiming over 2,000 visitors a day, PlanetSAP is one location where many SAP professionals can be found. According to PlanetSAP, the software company has approximately 10 million users at 30,000 installations around the world. Therefore, it’s likely recruiters seeking to fill technical positions will require candidates with SAP experience at some point. For the uninitiated, the site offers a definition of SAP. Selecting “What is SAP” under the heading “SAP Overview” provides information about the German company, which is the third-largest software company in the world. SAP stands for “Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung.” In English this means, “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing.” Fortunately, PlanetSAP is a large planet. The site features a job forum, discussion forums, a news section, a listing of events and opportunities for site advertising. Selecting “Job Forum” at the homepage leads to a page where a job seeker can choose from 13 categories, and many of these have subcategories. The main categories include “Human Resources,” “Finance/Costing (FICO),” “Logistics,” “Business Warehouse,” “CRM,” “APO (Supply Chain),” “General,” “Development,” “System Administration,” “Workplace,” “ESS,” “mySAP” and “e-Commerce.” Selecting a particular category leads to a message board where jobs are posted. Position titles are listed, along with posting dates. Selecting a position returns a brief description of the job and the opportunity to generate an email reply. Anyone can post a job at PlanetSAP, free of charge. However, position descriptions are limited to 1,000 characters. The discussion forums at PlanetSAP are other potential sources of candidates. There are both technical and general forums and, as with the job forum, both main categories are divided into subcategories. Choosing an appropriate subcategory can help a recruiter hone in on people with specific areas of expertise. For example, among the areas listed under “Development” are “Java” and “Visual Basic.” Forum messages often include the names of people involved in discussions and, even when this isn’t the case, there is the opportunity for email contact. Selecting “News” at PlanetSAP leads to articles where SAP has been mentioned. Any or all of the companies noted may be potential sources of candidates. Likewise, selecting “Events” can lead to information that can, in turn, lead to candidates. Joining the Club SAP Club is another targeted site. With categories like “Careers,” “SAP User Groups,” “News & Events” and more, this “club” is buzzing with information and interaction. Although there is an annual fee for a hiring company or recruiter wishing to post jobs at the site, with this fee comes unlimited postings. A job seeker visiting the “Careers” section of the site can narrow a search using several filters. There are menus to narrow the timeframe, location and/or job function. In addition, there is a keyword search box. “SAP User Groups” is another category that could prove helpful when searching for candidates. Follow the link to access a listing of groups throughout the world and the contact for each. Clicking on a contact name creates an email. A carefully crafted message could inquire about the possibility of reaching out to group members. “News & Events” contains articles about various companies, and these articles often include contact information. The companies mentioned may be sources of candidates, but they may also be potential employers for candidates seeking new opportunities. Looking For Professionals SAP Professional Organization is another resource for SAP professionals. Although some sections of the site are limited to members, others can be accessed by simply registering. The site’s discussion forums are such areas. SAP Professional Organization forums are grouped by category, which can be helpful when trying to locate candidates with specific skills. As with many forums, clicking on the name of the message poster leads to information about that individual. Here, this information takes the form of a “Profile,” which includes, among other areas, an email address, an occupation field and a geographic location. Profiles aren’t always complete, but very often an email address and a job title are given. The email address allows for contact, and the job title provides insight regarding the person’s potential as a candidate. Using SAP Sites Although tech sites and general job boards can also help recruiters connect with SAP professionals, visiting sites designated as SAP can lead to candidates ASAP. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

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