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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) projects an ongoing nursing shortage, one the HHS says is likely to become so critical that it may affect the quality of the nation’s health care by as early as 2010. At the same time the general population is aging, so too is the population of working RNs. Meanwhile, the rate of nurses entering the profession has slowed over the past four years. For recruiters, finding registered nurses will continue to be a challenge. But using online resources aimed at reaching RNs can prove valuable as the competition for these candidates increases. A Full Spectrum Nursing Spectrum Career Fitness Online calls itself “America’s #1 Career Site for RNs by RNs.” Reaching over one million RNs each month through a combination of online and print sources, the company offers a number of ways to connect with its community. Its print publication, Nursing Spectrum, consists of seven different regional publications. Clicking on the magazine’s cover at the site’s homepage leads to a listing of editions by region, and the ability to select the current issue of any edition, as well as its archives, online. The magazine has an archive totaling 3,687 articles, many of which feature the names of nursing professionals. Each issue in each edition also has a section called “NURSELINK,” which is a listing of accomplishments by RNs in the publication’s region. Among the categories under which names are listed are “Appointments,” “Publications,” “Presentations” and “Awards.” The magazine offers both display and classified advertising which, given its ability to target a specific type of candidate and geographic region, is something recruiters may wish to consider. Selecting “Advertise with Us” at the bottom of the homepage, “Print Services,” “Downloadable Media Kit,” and then choosing a region returns a comprehensive overview of the publication’s readership and advertising rates. Information about online advertising can also be found here. Nursing Spectrum Career Fitness Online features a job board where job-seeking RNs can search by specialty and region. There is also an optional keyword field. In addition to posting open positions, employers can choose to be included at the “Employer Profile” section of the site. Profiles are listed by state and consist a one-page overview, typically with graphics, and usually feature a link to a listing of open positions. Another section of the site that could prove helpful to recruiters is “Nurse Community.” Here there are two categories worth exploring. The first is “Nurse to Nurse,” which is a discussion forum. A recent posting included a message from a nurse practitioner looking to relocate to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who was seeking a job opportunity. The other category in “Nurse Community” that may be useful is “RN Community Calendar.” Selecting it offers the opportunity to view events for the entire country by month or by individual state. There is also a search box where keywords can be entered. When a listing of events is returned, each event usually includes a contact name, along with a telephone number. Events vary in scope, but some may be appropriate to recruiters. The outlines provided and the contact information make it easy to explore these potential resources. By Association When searching for nurses, recruiters should also look to associations. National League for Nursing, American Association of Colleges of Nursing and American Nurses Association all feature job boards, as well as other recruitment resources. The American Nurses Association site, for example, features news at its homepage. Articles cover events and their professional participants, any of whom may be potential candidates. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing, on the other hand, lists its member schools by state. Selecting “Education Center” and “List of AACN-Member Schools” returns a listing of more than 550 colleges and universities, which offer opportunities to connect with candidates. Although the nursing shortage undoubtedly makes it more difficult to find candidates, by utilizing a variety of resources and a little creativity a recruiter can increase the likelihood of filling an open position. Author’s Note:, another resource to utilize when searching for nurses, was covered in an ERE article entitled Is There a Candidate in the House? Finding Healthcare Professionals. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

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