Finding Candidates of Color – Part Two

Last week we took a look at Minorities’ Job Bank that focuses on all people of color. This week, we’ll look at LatPro, which takes an innovative approach and focuses on bi- or tri-lingual candidates (Spanish, Portuguese, and English). LatPro is a terrific place to advertise your international jobs or those that require bilingual candidates. Not only will your posting be seen by 14,000 qualified candidates, you can post it for FREE. Specific demographics of candidates are available here. And plenty of businesses have found it a valuable tool; in the past three months alone, LatPro has tripled its number of job postings and almost doubled its Web traffic. LatPro costs the recruiter nothing. You can post jobs for free, look at the resumes for free, and have your job announcement emailed to thousands of subscribers for free. Membership in LatPro is optional for recruiters but does provide additional benefits in the way of news and information about Latin American trends. Job candidates can sign up for either full or associate membership for three, six or twelve months. Those who sign up for full membership have the ability to post their full resumes to the Web site. As an incentive to join, each prospect can respond to ten jobs for free before deciding to become a member.

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