Finding Candidates of Color – Part One

Looking for qualified minority candidates? There are plenty of places to try, depending on what you need and next week we’ll look at several of them. This week, though, we’ll focus on the Minorities’ Job Bank – a job bank, resume database, and gathering place for all people of color. The Minorities’ Job Bank instituted a new resume database in February. According to Penny Francis, the director of online publishing, there are more than “15,000 qualified resumes from minority professionals – the average resume has 3.5 years of post-graduate experience.” Candidates run the gamut from experienced teachers to engineering professionals. To view the resumes, one needs to be a member of the Job Bank. Membership allows unlimited job postings and a listing in the employer directory. Annual membership for one hiring location is $5,500. One thing that sets the Minorities’ Job Bank apart from other diversity-focused job banks is their ethnic village concept ? which brings in more than 200,000 visitors each week. Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Native Americans and women each have their own area on the site. And in those areas are loads of articles about career development, workplace and political issues. Even better, there is daily news within each village, keeping you abreast of issues concerning your minority candidates and prospects. And each village has its own forum where people interact – and while you are dissuaded from posting any job position in the forum, you are welcome to interact with potential candidates and let them get to know you. Definitely worth a look.

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