Finder’s Fee for This Job: $100,000

NRGThe crowdsourcing referral bonus for helping find a president of a solar-power developer has been set at $100,000.

Yes, NRG is saying that if you provide a U.S. candidate for a new part of the company called NRG Home, you’ll get $100,000. If you end up referring yourself, you give the money to charity.

Jennifer Wallace, the senior vice president for human resources at NRG, told me by email that the company “wanted the referral fee to generate excitement and drive people to action. The position we are searching for is a unique one, so our crowdsourcing campaign had to be innovative as well.”

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People can only refer one person, and it has to be done by August 22. They’ll use this form to do the referring. The job description is here. The fine print is here.