Engineers Stuck on California’s Highway 101 Can Tackle a Coding Challenge Today

CodeEval (part of HireVue), is launching a series of challenges on the 101 Freeway this summer, a very popular Northern California commuting route for technology employees.

The first billboard launches near the San Francisco airport today, and involves a commuting-related puzzle. The billboards point you online, where you have to find the shortest distance between a set of startup companies in San Francisco.

There’s a not-so-subtle message at work here: If you take a job at one of these companies mentioned in the challenge, like Glassdoor, you can work in the city of San Francisco (actually, just “The City” to locals) and not have to deal with the traffic headed down to Silicon Valley.

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Combining IT assessment with interesting challenges, games, and contests is a hot area in the recruiting field. It’s happening both online with tools like CodeVue, Gild, and many others, as well as using in-person events.