Editor’s Corner

One of the reasons I sold The Fordyce Letter to ERE Media, Inc., was the fact that, at my age, I didn’t want to climb any more mountains even though there are many more mountains out there to climb. My passion has always been writing and editing the content of TFL and communicating directly with our readers. The grind of dealing with the day-to-day minutiae of the never-ending back-office details took its toll on me. With that part of the business off my back, I can spend more time on the content, and as I’m sure you have noticed (and many have applauded), the content has increased in size and scope.

I have accepted the fact that cyberspace, the blogosphere, Web 2.0, and other technologies I don’t fully understand will be an important component in moving the recruiting information age forward. A bigger presence online and building a truly useful and unique Internet Recruiting Community will benefit all of our readers. The ability to access over 6,000 pages of relevant materials from the TFL archives at the click of a mouse is just over the horizon. The list goes on and on – but I’m not the guy to do it.

David Manaster, the CEO of our parent company, has been looking for that uniquely qualified person to take on these challenges, and I am pleased to announce that Jason Davis has been hired to create and execute the future visions and market the opportunities that will take TFL subscribers up new intellectual tributaries, leading them to innovative, expanded, and more profitable opportunities than I ever envisioned.

Jason Davis is not an unknown entity to me. He is one of the top players in the recruiting blogosphere, with the added benefit of actually having been there, done that. He’s worked a desk, run a firm, created a split network, run one of the more active blogs, and made a well-recognized name for himself throughout the profession as an innovator and pacesetter.

He started recruiting in the semiconductor industry in 1993 and started his own firm, called Davis Search Group, in 1997 and built it into a very successful and profitable recruiting firm. From day one he started subscribing to The Fordyce Letter and said, “It was one of the best things I did. It is amazing to think about how many placements were created/ done/saved utilizing some piece of information that I got from The Fordyce Letter.”

While actively building his recruiting firm, he started a network called Splits.org that focused on the semiconductor industry. Very quickly it grew to 65 members with the help of some very active and interested members and generated many millions of dollars in agency fees over a three-year period. Then, he read an article in TFL that talked about what makes a good domain name for a recruiting firm. The suggestion was that if you recruit in the software industry, softwarejobs.com would be a great name to have. The light bulb in his head went off, and soon he was the proud owner of hundreds of recruiting-related domain names. This was really the beginning of the next successful journey of his life as a trendsetter in the recruiting industry.

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After the market took a hit in early 2000, his interest changed from being a recruiter on a day-to-day basis to writing about the recruiting industry. He acquired the domain name Recruiting.com and built a very well-known blog under that name.

I could not have written a better job description for someone to contribute to the next phases of TFL than Jason’s background. It is as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen. As Jason told me, “I promise to do everything I can and use all of the resources available to me in order to generate more readers and more visibility to our fantastic industry and, most importantly, provide more and more value to those who currently subscribe. It’s going to be a great journey.”

Jason has one request for readers: “It would be great if you could tell me what article you have read in The Fordyce Letter that you feel has had the biggest impact on you as a recruiter. For me, as I said before, it was the article that talked about domain names and recruiting. It was a real career-changing article.”

Jason can be reached at (416) 995-3693 or emailed at Jason@fordyceletter.com. Let’s all give him a hearty Welcome Aboard.

Paul Hawkinson is the editor of The Fordyce Letter, a publication for third-party recruiters that's part of ERE Media. He entered the personnel consulting industry in the late 1950's and began publishing for the industry in the 1970's. During his tenure as a practitioner, he personally billed over $5 million in both contingency and retainer assignments. He formed the Kimberly Organization and purchased The Fordyce Letter in 1980.