Editor’s Corner

It appears that this year’s Fordyce Forum to be held in Las Vegas from June 4-6, 2008 is the place to be based upon the large number of people who have already signed up for the event. Although I was gratified at the number of attendees at the inaugural Fordyce Forum last year, the number already signed up for this year’s forum has already exceeded the total number of the first one in New Orleans . . . and the number continues to grow every day.

At some point in the very near future, we will be unable to accommodate everyone who wants to attend so if you haven’t made your reservations yet, I implore you to do so today. Go to: www.fordyceforum.com

On February 5th of this year, although I felt pretty good for an old codger, I succumbed to the entreaties of my wife and daughter and went to see a doctor – something I had not done for 25 years except for a broken arm in 2006. On February 7th, they wheeled me into an operating room, cracked my sternum like an oyster and performed a bypass on three of my coronary arteries and fooled around with a roto-rooter job on a fourth one.

While bypass operations have become almost routine, the whole experience gave me a new reverence for the word “fatigue” and a new respect for the restful wonders of recliners.

Since I was out of commission for quite a few weeks, the crack editorial staff of ERE Media did a magnificent job of producing the March issue of TFL in my absence. The only omission was the Placements & The Law column which resumes this month as our cover story.

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I only informed a few people of my plight but it must have been a slow news week in Recruiterland because I received hundreds of Get Well cards, flowers, plants, Emails, calls and notes from well-wishers who somehow found out about my predicament. Alan Schonberg sent me an Email description of his bypass surgery from a decade before and what I could really expect. God bless him, he was right on target with information that was based on reality rather than some hospital-published brochure. Perhaps my biggest surprise was an unannounced visit from California-based Jeff Allen who detoured from a lawsuit he was handling in Louisiana through St. Louis to make sure I was still alive and kicking. What a friend.

How can I ever thank the hundreds of folks who actually seemed to care enough to send me their good wishes for a speedy recovery? I am a lucky man! I know who you are and you know who you are. I will be in Las Vegas and hope to thank all of my well-wishers personally.

Paul Hawkinson is the editor of The Fordyce Letter, a publication for third-party recruiters that's part of ERE Media. He entered the personnel consulting industry in the late 1950's and began publishing for the industry in the 1970's. During his tenure as a practitioner, he personally billed over $5 million in both contingency and retainer assignments. He formed the Kimberly Organization and purchased The Fordyce Letter in 1980.