Doubling Down on Your Best Searches…

I’m writing you from the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. A friend of mine is turning 40 this year and he invited my wife and six other couples for a first-class 40th birthday bash. I’ll be following Lou’s footsteps this year, turning the big 4-0 myself. It should be a good age, and as my coach Rich Fettke told me, “You can still play basketball and you will finally start to get a little bit of respect in business.”

Here’s another way to get more respect in the recruiting business: we’ll call it doubling down on your best searches. I’ve noticed something that so many recruiters all around the world do. First, they get a good search assignment and get three sendouts. Then, they call it “covered” and then they go looking for something else to do. After all, we are recruiters; we’re busy, right? “Lots to do!” they say… And so, they go off to the next search assignment, to try and get three more sendouts.

Listen, if you just got three sendouts somewhere, chances are that’s your hottest search right now! Instead of looking for something else to do, double your efforts on THAT search and go for three more sendouts.

You will then go from a 40% to 50% chance of filling that search to an 80% to 90% chance. You will endear yourself to your clients, block the competition, and you’ll get double the repeat business.

Until next month.
Be Well!

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Joe Pelayo is a nationally known executive recruiter, mentor and speaker who shows good recruiters how to move their game up a notch and enter the big biller leagues. A published author, Joe is the CEO of Joseph Michaels, Inc. and on track to double his business for the third year in a row. He helps companies fill their most important and hardest to fill executive positions as well as contract and perm recruiting & RPO. If we don't have the recruiting specialty within our firm we are happy to refer clients to another recruiter in our network. (800) 786-1099 x1 /