Digital Interviewing: A Full-circle Approach from Adoption to Addiction

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More employers are turning to digital or video interviewing as a way to reduce costs and speed up the time to hire. Employers and potential hires are increasingly able to schedule, record, and review interviews via smartphone apps. The digital interview is here to stay — but to get the best out of this new approach takes some careful thought and planning.

This webinar will take a full-circle approach to the whole process of digital interviewing.  We’ll start with how and why a company might adopt a digital interview platform, and then consider the challenges and benefits from the perspectives of recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate.

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, May 20 for practical insights into the world of digital interviewing

Our expert speakers Angie Wachholz and Lisa Starin will share their experience with digital interviewing platforms at UnitedHealth Group. They’ll  focus on the end-to-end process for adopting a digital interviewing platform and how recruiters and hiring managers can make digital interviewing work for them.

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Date/time:  Wednesday, May 20 at 2 p.m. EDT

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