Conversations With Staffing Leaders: Valerie Kennerson of Corning

The first in a series of interviews presented by ERE in audio webcast format. You cannot truly lead or make a difference at your company without all the qualities ERE authors describe every day in their articles. But there’s one more thing you must also have: an absolute passion for what it is you are trying to do. It’s this passion that my colleague Mark Mehler and I wanted to capture as we discussed with ERE the concept of partnering on a series of web-based audio conversations with staffing leaders who make a real difference in how their companies find and recruit great employees. Click either audio format to listen to this webcast:

Windows Media | RealAudio Presented by ERE, this series of interviews will attempt to shed light on how staffing leaders, in many cases working behind the scenes, overcame the challenges in front of them and led their organizations to implement best practices in recruiting. All of the interviews in this series will be conducted by either myself or my colleague at CareerXRoads, Mark Mehler. Valerie Kennerson of Corning I recently sat down with Valerie Kennerson, the global HR communications manager at Corning Incorporated, to discuss a concept most of us talk about but few of us actually use: service level agreements. It turns out, as Valerie explained to me, that they’re an even more powerful tool than any of us realized, as the success of her own recent initiative reveals. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read more about Valerie and to download a copy of the sample service level agreement discussed in this interview. I think you’ll learn a lot from my chat with Valerie. Have a listen. Click either audio format to listen to this webcast:

Windows Media | RealAudio [If you experience any technical difficulties in accessing this webcast, you may need to work with your IT department to resolve firewall issues. Send us an email at if you experience any other technical difficulties.] About Valerie Kennerson Valerie Kennerson is the global HR communications manager for Corning Incorporated, a global, high-technology company that has been changing the world through research and technological innovation for more than 150 years. She has been instrumental in the transformation of Corning’s staffing function into a center of excellence. Valerie previously served as Corning’s global marketing manager and college relations manager, and prior to joining Corning, was manager of strategic sourcing for Lucent Technologies. Valerie has a B.S. degree in Management and Public Relations from Ohio Northern University and an MBA from Kent State University. Link To Sample Service Level Agreement To download and view an example copy of the service level agreement discussed in this interview, click the link below. Sample Service Level Agreement

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