Conversations With Staffing Leaders: Susan Burns of Federated Department Stores

You cannot truly lead or make a difference at your company without all the qualities ERE authors describe every day in their articles. But there’s one more thing you must also have: an absolute passion for what it is you are trying to do. It’s this passion that my colleague Mark Mehler and I wanted to capture as we embarked upon a series of in-depth interviews with staffing leaders who make a real difference in how their companies find and recruit great employees. Click either audio format to listen to this webcast:

Windows Media | RealAudio Presented by ERE, these interviews will attempt to shed light on how staffing leaders, in many cases working behind the scenes, overcame the challenges in front of them and led their organizations to implement best practices in recruiting. Susan Burns of Federated Department Stores Since coming on the scene in the late 1990s, Federated’s award-winning corporate careers site, Retailology, has become an icon for young people thinking about retail careers. Lately, its horizons have once again expanded, as the company moves to embrace experienced professionals in its staffing brand. I sat down to talk with Susan about the Retailology site and other recruiting initiatives at Federated. Have a listen. Click either audio format to listen to this webcast:

Windows Media | RealAudio [If you experience any technical difficulties in accessing this webcast, you may need to work with your IT department to resolve firewall issues. Send us an email at if you experience any other technical difficulties.] About Susan Burns Susan Burns is the operating vice president of employment initiatives and college relations for Federated Department Stores. Her role in leading the development and expansion of, Federated’s employment brand and recruitment website, has provided a platform for continued growth and expansion of talent attraction and acquisition strategies. Retailology serves the interests of entry-level through experienced hourly and salaried talent. Susan has delivered a progressive strategy to Federated by focusing on establishing productive, mutually beneficial vendor and university partnerships leading to highly effective relationships. Her contribution to Federated focuses on recruitment technology adoption rates and corresponding talent-centric initiatives through education and alignment of key constituents. Susan held a number of store line management positions, including store manager with Robinson’s May, assuming volume responsibilities of $30 and $40 million in the locations she managed. Susan completed an MBA at Simmons Graduate School of Management in 1997 prior to joining Federated. In 2002, Susan completed Stanford’s executive education program titled “Leveraging Human Resources for Competitive Advantage.”

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