Clue #1: Vaulting to the Top

As you already know, people with top-notch skills are hard to find. Job seekers know they’re in demand and don’t feel the need to beg for a job nowadays. Nor do job seekers want to frequent the vast amount of job sites on the Internet. The large number of job site choices has become so overwhelming that the sites tend to blend into one indiscriminate Web page for the job seeker. Unless, of course, the job site has the ability to Distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. That’s exactly the leap that is trying to make. has created two different avenues for the job seeker to explore. First is the Electronic WaterCooler, the Internet’s first network of company-specific message boards for employees. The WaterCooler delves into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to work at top US corporations and also offers an inside track on specific company culture. The report gives the job seeker a heads-up on difficult interviewing questions, tips on pay, promotion and benefits, and the overall company dirt. P.O.V. magazine noted that “the job searching public can’t get enough of Vault’s fly-on-the-wall approach.” The valuable information within the guides can make or break a job seeker’s decision to pursue the company. Electronic Recruiting News advised employers that “If you’re not tracking the WaterCooler boards on your company, it’s time to start.” Besides offering office gossip, Vault has recently doubled its traffic to 500,000 and increased membership with the release of its research publications. The 130-plus publications were previously only available in printed editions, sold either on Vault’s Web site or in bookstores. Now the online guides are free. With half a million job seekers making the decision to use as an integral aspect of their job search you’ll want to take a look too.

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