Four Rules of Talent

While human intervention is important to candidates and to hiring managers, we have to change when and how we intervene. As I have written about many … Read more

Sourcing in the Sweet Spot

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, the iPod offers a great model for sourcing and recruiting. Three things stand out: It’s a system. The iPod … Read more

Sourcing 101

Let’s separate fact from fiction. This will help you find and hire more top candidates. It’ll also help if you read the last two paragraphs of … Read more

Innovative Sourcing

At 2:00 p.m. EST today I will be giving a webinar on innovative sourcing. If you are interested in joining me for this free seminar, use this link to … Read more

Defrosted Cold Calls

We all know we have to make “cold calls” to keep our client base fresh. That does not mean it is easy or even that we like it. Probably more … Read more

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