Too Many Candidates?

Retailers have a sale, manufacturers slow production, but what can recruiters do with all those excess candidates? A few talent acquisition leaders are … Read more

Video Resume Site Launches

If video resumes are the future of recruiting, then is a peek at what’s to come. The brand new site showcases candidate videos that … Read more

Do Away With the Resume

Recruiters are their own worst enemies. They perpetuate their own misery by creating websites and cultivating mindsets that focus on getting lots of … Read more

Are Your Resumes Valid?

We know the quality and accuracy of information in resumes is very suspect, often full of outright lies. So why is it that we put so much emphasis on the … Read more

Video Resumes Revisited

Recently, I wrote about video resumes and their somewhat dubious value to recruiters. But a recent conversation with John Sumser has prompted me to expand … Read more

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