Maxine’s Challenge

Maxine is in deep trouble. She was hired 12 days ago as a recruiter to work with a manager who had about 200 call center requisitions to fill in a 90-day … Read more

So, How Did I Do?

Here’s a scenario that recruiters and hiring managers are often faced with. You’re interviewing a candidate. The interview is mediocre at best, … Read more

How Many Names?

I get asked quite often, “How many names do I need to order to make this work?” The answer is deceptively simple: “Usually 30 to 50 names … Read more

Blow The Sucker Up?

Do you know that recruiting is one of the least efficient processes in an organization? Transaction costs (cost per hire) are large and there is almost no … Read more

Are Your Resumes Valid?

We know the quality and accuracy of information in resumes is very suspect, often full of outright lies. So why is it that we put so much emphasis on the … Read more

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