Turndowns and Falloffs

After every recession, the power pendulum swings away from the employer and toward the candidate. Employees who have endured less than ideal working … Read more

Performance Time

How many consultants have been looking for that easy way to more production? Wouldn’t it be great to find one? We look at the normal advice of better … Read more

Time vs. Outcome

This may sound like a keen grasp of the obvious but, unfortunately, it is far from apparent for too many in our business. The only thing you have to sell … Read more

Think Five Steps Ahead

If you could be like Superman and spin the world in the opposite direction and go back in time, would you have taken on that recent loser client? … Read more

The Fatal Assumption

The Fatal assumption: One of the biggest reasons that so many small businesses fail is that they lack a clear system of operation. Michael Gerber, author … Read more

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