Bookmarking Framed Sites

We’ve all been there. We come upon a site that makes liberal use of frames, breathe a sigh of displeasure, and plunge in anyway hoping to find those people we need. After following 5 or 6 links, we’re way into the framed site and we spot it. Just what we were looking for. The mother lode of resumes. Now, how do you bookmark it? Sure, you could just hit “Add Bookmark” or “Add Favorite” and hope for it to land at the bottom of your collection of favorite pages. Unfortunately, doing this only bookmarks the site’s main URL, not the particular page you’re after. But, a slight change of technique can get you just what you want – just the page with that hot resume. In Netscape:

  • If you’re using Windows, click the right mouse button somewhere on the framed text you want to keep. Then click “Add Bookmark.” This saves just the particular page’s URL.
  • If you’re on a Mac, hold down the mouse button while the cursor is over the framed text you want. This will bring up the pop up menu.

In Internet Explorer:

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  • In Windows, right click on the framed text and let go of the right mouse button. Select “Add to favorites.”
  • On a Mac, open a new unframed window. At the same time that you click on the link, hold down the mouse button. Choose “Open Link as New Window.” Then, add the URL of the new window to your bookmark list.

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