Bayer Weighs in With ‘Yes’ on STEM-Shortage-or-No-STEM-Shortage-Issue

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.05.12 PMIn case you haven’t been following the back and forth, a long stream of pundits, authors, and politicians have been worried about the lack of science, technology, engineering, and math employees (or teachers, for that matter) in the U.S.

Hogwash, others have been saying: weak salary growth is a sure sign there’s no real shortage.

A report put together for Bayer by a research company is the latest to have a say. Its conclusion is that there is indeed a shortage.

This one was done by surveying 15o recruiters from Fortune 1000 companies (“a difficult group to reach,” the report notes). They’re working in manufacturing, services, finance, IT, engineering, healthcare, and other industries.

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Two thirds of them say that there are more STEM jobs being created at their companies right now than non-STEM jobs. Only about half of the recruiters say they can find enough of the STEM employees they need. Almost half say this has limited the growth of their businesses.

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