Barb’s 21 Day Plan to Improve Your Production

Dear Barbara:

I find it very hard to stay motivated daily when the majority of my day is spent leaving voicemails, not getting returned calls, being rejected and not hitting my goals. The first two quarters of this year have not been good and I don’t know how to get motivated enough to turn this around. I’ve been Ask Barbdoing this three years, and wonder if I’m getting burned out? I wanted to attend a conference to hear you train, and my owner refused to pay for my registration. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Pam S., Los Angeles, CA

Dear Pam:

Motivation is something that has to come from within you. If you doubled your income what would that mean for you and the people you love? In this profession, that can happen, but only you can make it happen. There is no such thing as a three year burn out unless you believe it to be true.

You have to work on your attitude and expectations and change the way you are working your desk. Here are four changes I want you to make starting now.

Step One: Write down five non-negotiable goals you want to achieve in all areas of your life with five dated action items. Post this list where you can see it as you work your desk. You can and will achieve more success for your own reasons. When the action items are completed, you have achieved each goal.

Step Two: Focus on booking sendouts. (Interview between candidate and client – first interview.) The one easiest way to improve production is to schedule more sendouts each month.

Step Three: Write down the six things closest to the money each evening before you leave work and commit to completing them the following day. Do this consistently for 21 days. You will do this your entire career. Each month, add 10 planned outgoing calls until you have finally achieved your top six priorities and 100% of the outgoing calls you will make every day.

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You can be controlled by incoming calls. If you do not plan, you can be busy all day on urgent things, but the important things won’t get done.

Step Four: Track your stats and individual ratios. You will then know exactly what results you need each day to consistently achieve or surpass your goals.

When you are hitting goals it’s easy to be motivated; you are tested is when your production is flat.

Regarding the conference, it’s often not a good business decision for an owner to invest in an employee who is not making them money and seems to have “checked out.” Follow my advice, improve your attitude and efforts and I’ll more than likely see you at the conference next year! When you write your goals for 2016 attending should be one of them. Ask your owner what you would have to do to “earn” a registration to the conference.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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