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Finally, your ideal candidate has walked through the door. Yeehaw! They’ll be dancin’ in the streets. But before you throw confetti in the air and file those other resumes while doin’ the funky chicken, you may want to be sure he’s what he seems. When it comes to background checking, many a human resources sage subscribes to the old adage “better safe than sorry.” Having a System Background checking encompasses many areas. It may include criminal background checks (felony and misdemeanor), Social Security number verification, employment history verification, education verification, personal references, professional license verification, credit history check, motor vehicle record, drug screening and medical examinations. One company that can help you find out what you want to know is arrin System. The company’s name is an acronym for Advanced Record Retrieval and Information Network. By using proprietary software that allows access from any computer with Internet use, arrin System connects customers to information from thousands of databases and presents it in easy-to-read formats. The company offers a wide array of services and search packages, which are available to members on fee-per-usage basis after a one-time membership fee is paid. Among the pre-employment searches available are criminal history, Social Security verification, DMV driving records and credit history, along with several others. Selecting “Pricing” from the site’s homepage provides details about packages and corresponding costs. Although information can be obtained at “Pricing,” you’ll also want to explore the “Pre-Employment Screening” section. The category “Which Pre-Employment Searches Should You Use?” can provide direction, offering details about the different types of background checks and guidelines on when each should be used. “Why Do Pre-Employment Screening?” is another useful section. It lists the arrin System “Five Reasons To Do Background Screening.” Supporting documentation follows each point. Going with a Pro is Ultimate Software’s Web portal for payroll and human resource professionals. Among the site’s offerings are screening and testing services that include criminal conviction checks, credit checks, DMV research, employment verification and drug testing. Select “Screening & Testing” in the “Market Place” section at the site’s homepage to see an overview of services and a listing of screening categories. Choose an individual category, such as “Criminal History,” and it returns a page with details about services available. Although pricing is not posted at the site, “Getting Started” leads to details about the payment process, which is based on services ordered. According to Matthew Lewis, business development manager for, each customer has different requirements and prefers to structure individual packages and gauge pricing based on volume. Select “Need More Info?” to fill in an online form to have an representative contact you. Or if you prefer, go to the “Contact Us” page to find other ways to contact them directly. Averting Potential Problems Avert is a company providing background screening services. Selecting “Products/Services” at the site’s homepage leads to a list of offerings. These include, but are not limited to, credit checks, credential verification, checking driving records and criminal court records checks. If you need assistance choosing which types of background checks to conduct, select “Concerns.” Here there are detailed explanations of the type of risks you face and corresponding product solutions. Avert has a demo at its site, which gives you an idea of the types of reports that are available. To view this Flash presentation of the company’s Web-based product, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and select “Demo.” Avert offers three different packages. Details about these can be obtained by choosing “AVERTadvantage.” The “AVERTadvantage Online Membership,” which is available for a monthly fee, offers the most options and support and includes a 15 percent discount on reports such as criminal background checks. The “AVERTadvantage Membership” is also a monthly-fee membership that offers a number of benefits. The third package is a “Basic Account Option,” which allows for products and services to be purchased a la carte. Pricing for specific background checks and reports can be obtained by contacting the Avert sales department. A toll-free telephone number and a link to an email pop-up window are both available at the bottom of the “AVERTadvantage” page. Whether You Get the Lowdown or Cover a Little Ground Using a professional service for background checking can help ensure that you meet legal and organizational requirements in a manner that’s efficient and cost effective. As far as knowing if the person who walked through the door is your ideal candidate…okay, you may not be able to answer that. But now you have the resources to check him out. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

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