Avoiding the Hot Lead Brush Off

Dear Barb:

My sales people get very frustrated when they get a lead from a candidate that a company is hiring. They call in and the prospective client says they are not hiring. At that point, you can’t call the client a liar, even though you know they are. In the past, this is the way we landed many new clients, but it’s not working in this market. Do you have any suggestions?

Emily H.
Minneapolis, MN

Dear Emily:

When you have a candidate inform you of a company that is interviewing, you want to share the fact that you have this information when you call, “I was told by one of my candidates who interviewed with your company that you are hiring for __________.”

Another option is, “I understand that you are currently interviewing for the position of ___________.” If your candidate was sent by another staffing or recruiting firm, you also share that information, “One of the ______I’m currently representing was sent to your firm by ___________.“

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This eliminates the possibility of the prospective client telling you they are not hiring. When you are given a viable lead, call as soon as possible and share the information you have received. This will greatly enhance your chances of helping this prospective client find the talent they will hire.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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