Paula Santonocito is an e-recruitment strategist and columnist for AIRS, the global leader in Internet recruitment training, tools, news and information. AIRS AIRS AIRS

Startups Are Hiring

As dot-coms and brick-and-mortar companies alike dole out pink slips, recruiters may be faced with a surplus of candidates and fewer open positions. In an … Read more

Finding Nurses

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) projects an ongoing nursing shortage, one the HHS says is likely to become so critical that it may affect … Read more

Making a Clear Case

When you’re looking for professionals with ClearCase experience, there are several search methods that can yield results. Because most people with … Read more

Hire Power

Technology has forever changed the way in which organizations recruit employees. While perhaps the most obvious example of this is the use of the Internet … Read more

Background Checks

Finally, your ideal candidate has walked through the door. Yeehaw! They’ll be dancin’ in the streets. But before you throw confetti in the air … Read more

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