Marcie Ciampi, M.Ed. (aka Samantha Craft) is best known for her writings found in the well-received blog and book Everyday Aspergers. A professional educator, she has been featured in various literature including peer-reviewed journals, Aspien Women, Autism Parenting Magazine, The Mighty, Project Aspie, Art & Autism, and Different Brains. She serves as a senior recruiter and outreach specialist at ULTRA Testing, a technology company with a neurodiversity hiring initiative, and serves as a consultant for Uptimize and Neuroguides. She is a coauthor of Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism and speaks globally on the topic of neurodiversity as it relates to employment and self-empowerment. Her company is Spectrum Suite LLC. She resides in Olympia, Washington, USA. Marcie can be reached at and

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