Jennifer Hicks, a seasoned Internet researcher who writes extensively on the use of the Internet for job hunters and recruiters, is a contributor to AIRS research. The AIRS Search Guide acts as your personal trainer, guiding you through our Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS) in a highly illustrated offline magazine. Each issue is full of new sourcing strategies, search examples, step-by-step procedures, and AIRS latest research for finding high-value passive candidates on the Internet. Contact AIRS at

The Virtual Job Fair

Remember the last job fair you attended? The boxes of stuff you lugged along? The people that just passed you by? Was it worth it? Of course, if you got … Read more

Stay Informed

Tired of searching out new sites to find those elusive candidates? Try the “Informant,” a nifty service from Dartmouth College that e-mails you … Read more

Search Technique

Do your searches still produce myriad unwanted results? Read the suggestions put out by the University of California at Berkeley. In this … Read more

Didja Know of DejaNews?

Although several services exist to help you search newsgroups, DejaNews is perhaps the most complete and easy to use. It’s a fact that DejaNews finds … Read more

The Spider is a Mole

Search engines are great places to start looking for a single, specialized candidate, or even for pages that may list several names in a particular users … Read more

Browsing with a Ferret

Although I am not enamored of either rodents or arachnids, when I search the Web I do want help from such critters–especially if they’re free. … Read more

Search Engine Wrap-Up

Over the past two months we’ve focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the major search engines. There’s no need to stop there, though. … Read more

Site Visit: Infoseek

Infoseek garners a 21.5% share of those who use search engines, according to a July report from Relevant Knowledge. But, why so many users for a little … Read more

Site Visit: Lycos

Lycos is a comparatively small search engine that indexes only about 26 million pages. It’s easy to use, but the results you’ll get from it are … Read more

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