Jennifer Hicks, a seasoned Internet researcher who writes extensively on the use of the Internet for job hunters and recruiters, is a contributor to AIRS research. The AIRS Search Guide acts as your personal trainer, guiding you through our Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS) in a highly illustrated offline magazine. Each issue is full of new sourcing strategies, search examples, step-by-step procedures, and AIRS latest research for finding high-value passive candidates on the Internet. Contact AIRS at

Toolbox Goodies #1

Every recruiter needs an arsenal of tools – tools to help find new leads, automate processes, and in general make life easier. Periodically, … Read more

Bulk Email: Opt-In

We’re all familiar with the benefits of email. And, for recruiters, that means it’s easier to stay in contact with lots of people, including … Read more

More People Finders

Once you’ve tapped all your sources and fished in all the resume pools, don’t stop. Look in some less populated places too. Here are a variety … Read more

Know the Region

If you live in Ohio and you’re recruiting for a firm in Florida, do you know all you should about the area and what it has to offer? Or, if you found … Read more

Where the People Are

If you’re looking for the passive candidates, it might help to know where most of them are. Sure, you can find them in organization and association … Read more

One-Stop Posting Sites

Need a quick way to scatter your job postings to the cyber-sphere? Submitting your job postings to multiple sites is tedious and time-consuming at best and … Read more


Ever think there’s got to be a better way to use the Internet? Wish you could organize all those bookmarks so you know what you’ve saved? Need … Read more

The Money Game

Not all of us can earn Bill Gates’ salary. But, many prospective candidates we speak with sure seem to want to try. So when you’ve got them on … Read more

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