Alice Snell is vice president of Taleo Research. The specialty research practice analyzes the best practices and economics of talent management. Taleo Research focuses on critical issues and key trends in talent management that impact organizational performance. Taleo Research is the strategic research division of Taleo, which provides on demand talent management solutions for organizations of all sizes, worldwide.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The goal of recruiting is clear and easy to articulate: hire the best candidate for the job (and of course, accomplish that for the lowest cost possible). … Read more

Recruit Like a Web Retailer

Online recruiting is in many respects a kind of online selling. Not only does a recruiter have to sell the company and the position, but he or she also has … Read more

Supply Chain Recruiting

E-business is in the news. Not a week goes by without a few old economy companies announcing their plans to form an online marketplace. The Big Three … Read more

Don’t Hire BOB

Unemployment is at record low levels. Corporate growth and the stock market appear healthy; job hopping is in vogue. As the first quarter of the year 2000 … Read more

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