You’re Right, They Are Faking It. Now Go SaaS Them

Aug 31, 2012

There’s a better-than-even chance you don’t know what the cloud is. Fluffy white things in the sky is not correct. And the bad news is that if you polled the audience, that’s about what you would have heard.

Seems a majority of Americans think “the cloud” has something to do with weather, and about half of you think rainy weather interferes with your cloud computing.

Now this little survey from Citrix isn’t recruiting specific, but we’d guess that a big percentage of you are in the cloud on a regular basis. All those SaaS systems out there are cloud-connected.

That’s mostly what all those acquisitions of HR software vendors are about. The big fish preferred to sell, install, and maintain giant systems for companies, so they mostly dabbled in cloud-computing, or more specifically, SaaS. Now that it seems nearly all the buyers want is to use the software, not own it, the littler companies that embraced SaaS are getting bought.

Now that you know a little something about the cloud, you can stop faking it. Citrix discovered that about 22 percent of you fake an understanding. (We, ahem, have known the cloud for a long time.) And my if we aren’t a skeptical lot; 56 percent think the other guy doesn’t know what he or she is talking about when they discuss the cloud.

Candles in The Cloud

We had to wonder if Monster was trying to tell one of us something when we kept getting matched up to a job with a Massachusetts candle company. Nothing wrong with scented candles and all, we just couldn’t figure out what candle keywords matched our profile. Maybe the weather does interfere with the cloud?

Your New Recruiting Partner

Everything sounds better with a British accent, plus they cut their fee to 15 percent. What a deal.


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