While Some Companies Launch, Others Look for Beta Testers

Feb 23, 2015
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There are the startups we hear about daily in the recruiting-technology field, and then there are those that have been already announced, but are looking for people to test their systems.

Today, a tiny sampling of both.

  • You might remember when I briefly mentioned Talentsity. It’s hoping to go into a beta in about four months. In the meantime, it’s looking for large (10,000-plus employee) companies to talk to about testing its system. What Talentsity is building is a way for companies to keep track of the talents of its employees, improve internal mobility, and better use the skills of employees who have untapped talents and may be pigeonholed in their current jobs.
  • CloudHireMe is looking for mid-market beta testers. It’s the U.S. spinoff of a Latin American HR technology company. Ward Christman has been advising the company for nine months, and the company has been developing this U.S. product (applicant tracking system) for two years.

Oh — and, on the startup front, we have companies like Acuityhire. It’s an angel-funded stealth startup out of San Jose, California. CEO/founder Reggie Pendleton has recruited for Google, eHarmony, and elsewhere.

Details on Acuityhire’s website are few and far between, but Pendleton tells me he’ll have a technology part of the business (“applied science to optimize the hiring process”) as well as a consulting arm, helping companies improve their hiring processes.

This article is part of a series about News & Trends.
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