What’s Different About ERE’s Atlanta Event

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Jul 20, 2015

I think we could spend about every day of the year going to recruiting conferences if we wanted to. They’ve proliferated around the globe since ERE launched its first one about 15 years ago and then moved to a twice-a-year format (this October in Atlanta, next April 6-7-8 in Las Vegas).

So when tasked with developing the agenda for this year’s Fall ERE Recruiting Conference, October 26-28 in Atlanta, I made sure that this event is different than any others you would have the chance to attend.

Why is this conference different? Here are my thoughts, and as you’ll see, some of yours:

  • Compared to some other events, the fall event offers a heavy dose of interactivity. Monday afternoon there are roundtable discussions. The last day — Wednesday — is made up mostly of discussions. Lunches each day are long, on purpose.
  • Fast-pasted, short sessions, many 20 minutes.
  • A “best-of-both-worlds” format. You may have heard of an “unconference” — no agenda, just winging it. You have probably been to “regular” conferences. We combine elements of both.
  • Independence. I’ve been to some really good user conferences, put on by various suppliers of recruiting technology. But ERE’s event doesn’t promote any one product.
  • The content/advertiser relationship. We have some great suppliers to talk to on the exhibit floor. But with the ERE conference, most of the speakers are talent-acquisition leaders, with some others consultants — but we don’t “sell the microphone” or have people sponsor and then give a keynote speech they paid for.
  • Leadership. The conference is for talent-acquisition leaders, in house, and the topics are the ones you’ve told us you care about.
  • You. Our conference audience has changed over roughly the last three years, as compared to the 2002-2012 period. The event is geared toward in-house talent-acquisition leaders and about 75 – 78 percent of attendees fit the profile. Generally it’s a premium audience that is not looking for information about front-line recruiting (not that there’s anything wrong with that … our website features both that as well as material for talent-acquisition leaders). Here are some quotes from the last conference I am copying totally verbatim here from our SurveyMonkey poll after the conference.

“I go where recruiters go. Curious, passionate recruiters go to ERE. If your budget only allows one conference for recruiting leadership, book this every time!”

“This conference provides an excellent forum for recruiting leaders to learn & collaborate. Each time I attend, I walk away with new initiatives to implement which have enhanced my talent acquisition function.”

“A lot of conferences are working to sell a product. ERE is selling a better YOU as a recruiting leader”

“The topics, speakers, vendors and above all networking were invaluable! I walked away with a notebook full of ideas to bring back and implement.”

“Wow! What an unbelievable two day event! So much information, thought provoking information. Whether you have 10 or 100 ppl a year, you’ll enjoy yourself.”

“Great event for in-house recruitment leaders. Not for individual recruiters but very good for TA leaders.”

“Topics are compelling, timing and relevant. Worthwile conference filled with accomplished and credible talent acquisition leaders and professionals. Exceeded expectations!”

“This is was first ERE conference and it was so energizing and motivational that I’ll make it my goal to attend at least once per year for the duration of my career in HR.”

“Everyone says they don’t have time to attend a conference but if you only attend one recruiting conference a year, make it an ERE event!”

“The ERE Conference was the most robust networking and integrated learning opportunity I’ve had access to in the conference landscape.”

“The ERE Recruiting Conference is the best gathering of recruiting leaders in the country – bar none. If you’re looking for a place to learn new trends, but also network directly with those who are leading those trends, then you need to be at ERE.”

Personally one of my favorite things about the conference is getting to meet our readers in real life. So when you register, make sure to let me know so I can be sure to say hello.

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