The Less You Say, The Bigger The Fee You’ll Get

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Jul 30, 2012

Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Jeff Allen offers you a tip about what you should do to ensure you never miss out — or get beat out– of your well-earned fee.

What Client Says:

We didn’t hire, but referred the candidate to someone else.

How Client Pays:

Since the client isn’t in the placement business, you’ll be unable to show that it intended to charge a fee. The recipient will deny that it even knew who you were up to the time of the hire.

The way to get paid is to:

  • Check your fee schedule for any words that might be used to hold the client liable.
  • Get the candidate to tell you how the contact with the recipient occurred.

Invoice both, and wait patiently for 30 days (no more). Then if you don’t receive payment from either the client or the recipient, ask for a written explanation of why. Do not attempt to explain your position, send any documentation, threaten or take any action until you receive that written explanation.

The biggest mistake recruiters make is to turn over their arguments and evidence too early.

The biggest fees they get is from nursing that documentation out of the parties, then having them point fingers at each other!

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