Rocky Mountain High

Mar 28, 2014

college_weedThe top 10 reasons to attend the next Colorado Marijuana Industry Job Fair

10. When you onboard people, instead of “Hi, how are you?” you can greet them with “How high are you?”

9. It’s easier to source because smoking on the job is encouraged.

8. If candidates have done time, they’re considered managerial material.

7. No need to offer a 401(k) when you can offer a 420(k) plan.

6. The drug test refers to knowing the difference between different grades of marijuana.

5. You can tell your prospective candidates that all your jobs are green jobs.

4. Your diversity recruiting refers to candidates experimenting with other drugs.

3. You can offer Pothead as a career track: it refers to a leadership position.

2. You can expect that most candidates who planned to attend will show up a day late.

1. They keynoter’s speech is titled “Jobs and how to avoid getting one.”


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